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Dr. Kirmani is trained in a number of psychotherapeutic approaches, among them are cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and supportive.  The preponderance of evidence shows that medication in conjunction with psychotherapy leads to greater outcomes than with either alone.  With this understanding, Dr. Kirmani attempts to provide both services for his patients but will work in tandem with another psychotherapist or counselor in the community if the patient chooses to do so.  In some cases, patients may be seen for medication management alone if it is most appropriate for their care.

Psychiatric Services

Whether you are dealing with a chronic psychiatric condition or seeking care for the first time, it can be a daunting task to navigate today's mental health care system. Dr. Kirmani strongly believes that the most important thing to do when meeting with a patient for the first time is to listen carefully and empathically. Though medications are often an important part of a patient’s treatment plan, Dr. Kirmani strives to use them judiciously and will take the time to explain his rationale for the specific medication he may recommend as part of your care.   

Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management

Dr. Kirmani specializes in General Adult Psychiatry (18 and over) and treats all major mood and anxiety disorders along with many other psychiatric issues.  The following is a partial list of diagnoses that patients may seek treatment for:
Major Depressive Disorder ~ Dysthymia ~ Bipolar Disorder ~ ADHD ~ Social Anxiety Generalized Anxiety ~ Panic Disorder ~ PTSD ~ Phobias ~ Insomnia ~ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ~ Grief/Bereavement/Loss ~ Adjustment Disorders ~ Gender Dysphoria ~ Issues with Sexuality ~ Substance Abuse*

*(this may require outside consultation depending on the nature and severity of the addiction)